EPC has partnered with Presbyterian Foundation to offer online giving to members and visitors.  The cost to EPC is a 2% transaction fee for each donation made.  No other fees associated with this service.

Members and visitors can access EPC donor portal via three methods:

  1. GiveNow Button that will appear on the EPC website:  www.elktonpresbyterian.com
  2. GivePlus Mobile App - Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “GivePlus Church” to download for FREE. You will search for Elkton Presbyterian Church.
  3. Quick Response (QR) Code – a QR Code is a two-dimensional, modular barcode that, when scanned by a smart phone (most phones use the camera to do this) will direct the user to a specific webpage.  The QR Code will send users directly to EPC’s donor page.  QR code will appear on our weekly bulletins, newsletters and signage on the newly created “Donation Information Station” poster that will appear on the bulletin board in the Narthax.


Donors can log in, view payment history, edit their recurring gifts and payment information through the donor portal.  Donors can make a one time donation or set up recurring donations on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis.   Donations can be made by a debit from their checking account or a credit card payment.  Transactions will appear on all statements as “Elkton Presbyterian Church.” 

Donors will receive an email receipt of their donation.  Online donors will receive a year end tax form from the Presbyterian Foundation listing all online donations.  Note:  Donors will have the option to contribute towards the 2% processing fee via credit card donation only.  The additional sum that donors contribute will appear on the year end tax statement from the Presbyterian Foundation. Al will continue to send out a year end tax form for all donations given via the plate offering and donations mailed in

Currently EPC has two funds available:  Joyful General Fund Giving and Per Capita.


Note:  Donor information is kept safe and private.  The system processor (Vanco Payment Solutions) follows Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and donor information is never shared with anyone except the church receiving the gifts.  When making an online donation, the system processor (Vanco Payment Solutions) meets or exceeds all industry standard to safeguard your data.  To help ensure your data stays safe, they leverage technology such as tokenizing card data and encrypting sensitive information for transmission and storage.


More information can be found on the following documents.