Our nation and our world are in dire need for change. We need to return to our God-centric thinking of how our nation was formed. Our knowledge of the Bible and of history reminds us that when a country turns its back on God, it is in peril.

On September 26 from 9 am until 6pm, the world has an opportunity to come together in prayer and repentance, to ask God to return to us. This world-wide revival is called The Return, based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, and we will simulcast the 12-hour event, from the Mall in Washington D.C., under a tent in the parking lot of our church. We are inviting other Elkton churches to join us in this day of prayer. We encourage you to be there, too. Everyone is welcome.

No one knows the hour that the Lord will return. Be part of a movement that will bring God back to us! Now more than ever, our world needs to turn back to God.  We don't want to wait until it's too late! We need To Return.

God bless you!