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With a heavy heart I am writing to let you, our church family, know that we, the church Session, have decided to suspend all church activities through the end of March due to the threat of the coronavirus. This means we will not be having worship services, Bible studies, or social events in the church. (Please share this with anyone you know who may not use email communications.)
Please watch for additional emails from us here at the church. We are considering ways to stay in connection with each other by phone and online.

We have made this decision for the purpose of doing what we can, first, to protect those most vulnerable among us, and also to do our part in attempting to prevent the spread of the virus. The corona virus can be carried by someone who has no symptoms, and they can pass it on before they even know they have it. Thus, until we know more about where all this is headed--it is the responsible and I believe godly thing to do--to act in pastoral love and care for the whole church, by suspending activities.
This is a decision that has been recommended by the New Castle Presbytery and the PC(USA) as a denomination, and one that many churches in many other denominations have made.
We strongly recommend that everyone stay home as much as possible, that especially (as medical professionals recommend) people over 60 stay home.
Let us pray for each other, for our vulnerable family and neighbors, for our neighbors across this country, and in all the world--not forgetting to lift up China and Iran and Italy and other places that have been the hardest hit.

Take care of yourselves, worship the Lord in your families, pray for our reunion as a household of God in worship--hopefully early in April!

In Jesus Christ,
Pastor Gary

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